Elisabeth Tonnard - Indirections 1 t/m 8

"Indirections is a series of pamphlets that focus on the manoeuvring involved when things are presented to the public eye. Duplicitous language, selective filters, whether the deceptions of Soviet propaganda or the deceits that I find in my local newspaper (and they are surprisingly similar), bend and spin things that perhaps were never even straight to begin with. Each item in the series is a folded sheet containing a single found image and its caption. The caption is on the front, the image is hidden inside. By uncoupling them, the two elements are each given their own stage – as a result a new space opens up between them. In that space a small tragicomedy is played out."



Digital prints on 300 gsm paper

A3 sized sheet per pamflet

14 x 29,7 cm


Seperate pamphlets can be purchased in our physical store for 7,50 euro a piece.


Elisabeth Tonnard - Indirections 1 t/m 8

€ 60,00Prijs

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