Elisabeth Tonnard - De wolk

"A literary and visual work in Dutch, based on the poetry of P.C. Boutens (1870 – 1943). The book is small but takes a position to Boutens’ entire poetical oeuvre. Twelve of Boutens’ poems have been combined in such a way that they semi-automatically wrote new poems. The book is a cloud of text and white space and can be read in different directions: from top to bottom on the single page, and both from left to right and from right to left across consecutive pages. A multidimensional space of simultaneous readings emerges; a new work inbetween Boutens, myself (ET) and the reader. The book was published as #154 in the Slibreeks."



Uitgeverij Den Boer/De Ruiter, Vlissingen 
10.5 x 14.8 cm

52 pagina’s

Elisabeth Tonnard - De wolk

€ 10,00Prijs

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