During the ArtisBook Week, WKB18, (13 t/m 20 oktober 2018 in Groningen  Nld.) Antiquariaat Berger & De Vries got to be known as ARTisBOOKshop. The shop sells new and second hand / antiquarian artists'books.

Down here you will find a list of names of persons that were interviewed during the ArtisBook Week Soiree, at Friday 12 oktober 2018. Also a registration of Nye Ffarrabas with poems and Egg Performance.


Many participants of WKB18 still offer their books for sale at this site. You can order them here directly or offcourse come and have a look in the shop itself.

Follow us at Facebook or Instagram. February 2019 we start organising performnce evenings at ARTisBOOKshop.


#0 Sfeerimpressie Soiree
#1 Barthold Boksem
#2 Ingeborg Entrop
#3 Marinus van Dijke
#4 Floor van Meeuwen
#5 Sibyle Eimermacher
#6 Jan Swart
#7 Ria Neleman
#8 Marinus Augustijn
#10 Cornelis
#11 Henk ter Bogt
#12 Kie Ellens
#13 Wilma Vissers
#14 Kara Noble & Marnix Sixma
#15 Anne van Wieren & Eva Waterbolk
#16 Henk Woudsma
#17 Sophie Schmitt & Tanja Isbarn
#18 Esther de Graaf
#19 Frank Sciarone
#20 Michel de Vries
#21 Lola Díaz Cantoni
#22 Erwin de Vries
#23 Lotte Dijkstra
#24 Theo Butterhof

Nye Ffarrabas:  https://youtu.be/gGRIoa20x-0

Poems and performance by Fluxus artist Nye Ffarrabas (formerly known as Bici Hendricks / Bici Forbes Hendricks) at ARTisBOOKshop, 21 10 '18. Nye was guest of honour of ARTisBOOK Week, Groningen, the Netherlands, from 13 to 20 October 2018.

We are happy to announce the 5th edition of Does it have a name: After Hiroshima at the ARTisBOOKshop.

Performances by: Hinke-Ann Eleveld, B A B E, ATOM industries, Michel de Vries & Jan van Egmond.

A very special evening, where artists will reflect upon the thematics of the atomic bomb and will bring new perspectives and interpretations to it.

This event will be the finissage of After Hiroshima: Cultural Responses to the Atomic Bomb; a week-long event across the city center of Groningen where several locations are part of.

For more information visit www.afterhiroshima.com






Groepsproject met Maaike Knibbe Gijs Deddens Esther de Graaf Kiki Kruisdijk Michel de Vries

Opening / finissage zaterdag 31 augustus 2019 vanaf 16.00 uur in ARTisBOOK Shop Pelsterstraat 27/29 9711KH Groningen






















Does it have a name #4 is about the topic of Inclusivity. A mega super special evening with many performers and live music afterwards!

When? At Thursday the 16th of May, starting at 7.00 pm

A group of students from Minerva Art Academy will be showing their work in process which is being develop for The Night of Art & Science in June + a new work and collaboration by Hinke-Ann Eleveld and Michel de Vries.

Artists performing:
Edwina Byass, Montserrat Camargo Perez de Alba, Plamena Chemshirova, Nicole Kuiper Gonzalez, Renate Leeuwe, Susanne Luurs, Anna Overdijk, Marre de Vos, Famkje Elgersma, Anastasia De Celle, Annet Allers, Hinke-Ann Eleveld and Michel de Vries.

LIVE MUSIC in the Basement by Lepel Concerts: Sky (PL) & A.D. Mana (DE) from 20.30hs on!

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The third edition of Does it have a name we asked artists to reflect upon the topic: TRANSLATION

Thursday 18th of April 2019, from 19-21hs at the ARTisBOOKshop.

Artists performing / exhibiting:
Eleni Tsompanidou
Ingrid In der Maur
Jorien Ketelaar
Klaudija Ylaitė
Michel de Vries & Anne Caesar van Wieren

Pelsterstraat 27-29, 9711KH Groningen Nld. 0031(0)503188591


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Does it have a name # 2

The book as a performative object


Inbal Ann Hershtig

Michiel Teeuw

Annegreet Bos

Michel de Vries

Tisa Neža Herlec &

Filippo Temperini

Robin ter Beke

At ARTisBOOKshop at Th. 21st Ma 2019. starting at 7 p.m. until 21.00

Pelsterstraat 27-29, 9711KH Groningen Nld. 0031(0)503188591






We are happy to invite you to our first flux related, performance-art evening ‘DOES IT HAVE A NAME'.


For this first edition we are proud to present an artist who is active since the sixties, the non-fluxus flux artist Bob Lens. Bob will create an Obversatorium Total and a Bureau Imaginaire, as liminal constructs for people to meet. He will be working in the ARTisBOOKshop from Thursday the 7th up to and including Saturday the 9th of February. You are welcome to join him and engage in activities and conversations throughout this period.


What else will be happening at the opening?


* Presentation of Tear Peace and Padaflu text by Michel de Vries

* Alle Jong : sharing in art

* Bob Lens flux presentations


So…..join us for the grand opening on Thursday 7th of February, from 19 – 21hs


ARTisBOOKshop is a part of Antiquariaat Berger & De Vries, Pelsterstraat 27-29 9711KH Groningen



In het kader van WKB18 werd in ARTisBOOKshop afgetrapt met SideKicks. Dit was een expositie van een aanttal Groninger kunstenaars waarbij de deelnemers zich lieten inspireren door WKB18 en het medium kunstenaarsboek.



Anne van Wieren  kattenbakseries

Mirjam Dijkema  Desaparecidos & Correspondence

Sanne Boekel De Moraalridder

Richard Bolhuis Roots with no end

Dolf Verlinden FESTO-variaties

Esther de Graaf  z.t.

Jan Swart  Herzien

Gijs Deddens z.t.

Off Course The Studio (groepsproject van 5 4e jaars studenten Minerva /Moore / Kunstgeschiedenis)

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